Save time with OpenMind exploration workflow

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The program is designed to let the user extract whatever relevant deterministic information there is in the seismic volume. Powerful 3d-visualization and traditional interpretation are combined with the latest Artificial intelligence  (AI) techniques. Offering a powerful toolkit to modern explorers.

OpenMind is a stable platform open for integration of your internally developed technologies, Python scripts or Artificial Intelligence (AI) networks.

Try our unique new 3D-autotracker

Our multi-seed based 3-D interpretation autotracker is a game changer. It offers a trial-and-error approach. The tracker will show you the expected result before you track. You play with the parameter settings and visually compare before and after. Once you are happy with the suggestion, you set off the autotracking.

This technique is a huge time saver and works best on unconformities.

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One-click-post-processing using artificial intelligence

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These trained networks produced by GeoLab are used to clean up noisy data and remove artifacts. 

AI made easy and at your fingertips.

Typically, you test out all networks early on in your project. For example, AJAX will optimize the seismic volume for autotracking. The fault identifier will build a separate fault probability volume. Include the fault probability volume to restrict the autotracking.

Test with different attributes

Attributes can be blended, mixed, flattened and played with in a numerous of combinations while interpreting.

  • “One click” AI
  • Spectral decomposition
  • Magnitude
  • Relative acoustic impedance
  • Attributes from trace calculator
  • Plus many more…

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Check fault probability and compare

Fault probability
Pull the handle to switch between Before and After

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