GeoPrognosis AB

Second opinion advice

  • Expert advice on exploration investments for oil and gas companies
  • Professional geo-technical advice on urgent projects done by Peter Abrahamson
  • Round applications: Geoscience evaluations
  • Farm-in evaluations: Geoscience evaluations, prospect identification
  • Drill-or-drop evaluations: Geoscience evaluations, prospect evaluation
  • Mergers & acquisitions: Prospect inventory evaluations

Second opinion viewpoints of important decisions and costly projects

  • Fast and focused
  • Using brand new OpenMind seismic workstation software


Peter Abrahamson

Associate Professor, Applied Geophysics, NTNU Trondheim

Peter Abrahamson

Founder, owner & exploration advisor in GeoPrognosis AB

  • 40 years international exploration experience. Conoco, Exxon, Maersk, Nopec, AGR Group, MCG

  • Capabel seismic interpreter & respected prospect generator
  • Proven oilfinder & experienced exploration asset evaluator with several successful acquisitions/farm-ins
  • Serial-founder & owner in multiclient seismic & geo-consulting.

    Co-founder of MultiClient Geophysical AS (MCG) in 2008

Some of Peter Abrahamson’s clients and business partners in 40 years

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People and connections in GeoPrognosis


Peter Arahamson

Associate Professor, Applied Geophysics, NTNU Trondheim

Anders Kihlberg


MultiClient Geophysical AS (2008-2017)